How Weed Won The West

Published on 1st February 2016 by

How Weed Won The West is a 2010 Kevin Booth film and the follow up to his hugely successful documentary American Drug War: The Last White Hope (2007). The film explores the fight against federal drug legislation which is being put up by pro-decriminalization activists on the West Coast of America. In California the majority of the public believe that prohibition against medical marijuana should be lifted. This film is an excellent choice for those who lack the background knowledge about the ‘war on drugs’ and the fight of campaigners which resulted in the legal dispensary of cannabis in California.

In the making of the film Booth meets with growers and investigates DEA raids on licensed dispensaries, he even consumes a sample of some medical marijuana himself. Also featuring in the documentary is libertarian Alex Jones, as well as interviews with some former drug dealers, activists, advocates, growers, and even genuine current gang members. An excellent first documentary for those who are attempting to become up to speed as it covers the history of marijuana use in the USA, the prohibition, and the situation as it stands today.

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