How Drugs Work: Ecstasy

Published on 1st February 2016 by

How Drugs Work is a three part series produced by the BBC and screened in 2011, the series dedicates one episode to Cocaine, one to Ecstasy, and one to Cannabis. This one hour long episode, number 2, looks at ecstasy. The producers use groundbreaking CGI technology to examine the biological process behind Ecstasy.

The film follows two recreational users of ecstasy over one night and the viewer is taken on a journey through the human body to explain what effect the drug has on the users internal organs. The program explains the scientific reasons for how the drug works and the damage that it can cause to the body. In addition to the CGI footage the film features interviews with various medical professionals and academics including neuro-scientists and toxicologists who help to explain what happens in your body when you consume the drug. The filmmakers also meet with some former users of the drug and with a man who lost his 18 year old daughter after she consumed too much water while on it.

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