Horizon: Space Tourists

Published on 12th February 2017 by

A 2006 BBC Horizon episode about the race between numerous individuals and companies to be the first to put everyday people into space. Featuring is Sir Richard Branson who explains his dream to send tourists in space for a fee of around a couple of hundred thousand pounds each with his Virgin Galactic business. Interestingly Branson states that he was hoping to send the first passengers within a few years of the show, but more than a decade later it still hasn’t become a reality.

Also involved in the race is Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, one of a number of the business elite who are desperate to leave a legacy as the man to commercialise space travel. This documentary is not to be confused with the feature length 2009 documentary of the same name by Christian Frei, Space Tourists, which won an award at Sundance in 2009.

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