Hooligans: Kicking Off

Published on 17th February 2016 by

Hooligans: Kicking Off is the second episode from a trilogy of 2002 BBC documentaries about hooliganism, this second documentary takes a look at what happened to the hundreds of England supporters who rioted during the Euro 2000 tournament in Belgium and the Netherlands.  The rioting ruined England’s chances of hosting the 2006 World Cup.

This documentary is the end product of a nine month investigation into some of the fans who were deported back to England for rioting in 2000, it revealed that the fans had simply resumed their hooligan activities in England upon their return. The film includes a testimony from a Chelsea hooligan and far-right activist who was involved in the rioting but went into hiding after becoming a police informant.

The first episode in this three part series is Hooligans: No One Likes Us focuses on the active hooligan scene in domestic football, whilst the third and final episode Hooligans: Foreign Fields looks at the growth of highly organised and ultra-violent hooligan groups in Argentina and Italy.

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