Homeless in Detroit

Published on 1st March 2016 by

In this 2014 episode of Stacey Dooley Investigates the BBC documentary film maker Stacey Dooley travels to Detroit to explore the issue of homelessness in a city which has 70,000 abandoned properties. Some 20,000 homeless people are living in Detroit and Dooley visits during one of the coldest winters in record at a time when the city’s shelters are struggling to meet the demand for their services, the problem is partly due to the extreme levels of unemployment and the switching off of utilities in entire neighbourhoods of the bankrupt city.

Dooley meets with numerous young people who are affected by the crisis and have been forced out onto the streets, and explores the ways in which their lives have been radically changed for the worse. One of the people she meets takes a shine to Stacey and takes her on a tour of the abandoned parts of the city, showing the squalor in which they have to live. Watch more Stacey Dooley documentaries.

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