Hitler’s Death: The Final Report

Published on 28th July 2017 by

A 1995 BBC Timewatch documentary which investigates Adolf Hitler’s final few days on earth, and his alleged death. The documentary features interviews and archive footage of a 1946 Russian investigation into his death code-named Operation Myth, it uses dramatised reconstructions of interrogations by Russian forces of survivors from his bunker. The documentary explains how his body was discovered and then identified.

Despite the official verdict of suicide there have long been conspiracy theories about whether Hitler really died in his bunker with some asserting that he actually escaped to South America where many top ranking Nazi’s also fled. These conspiracy theories were given some credence when FBI documents from 1947 were declassified, those documents showed that the organization was highly concerned about a lack of a body, those documents inspired the 2015 History Channel television series Hunting Hitler.

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