Hitler of the Andes

Published on 9th September 2017 by

Hitler of the Andes is a 2003 Channel 4 documentary which is based around the declassification of FBI documents which revealed that American authorities did not believe that Adolf Hitler died in his bunker as reported but instead fled to Argentina like we know many senior Nazi’s did.

At the end of the War the FBI had an ongoing investigation into rumours that Hitler had escaped Berlin by aeroplane to Norway and then boarded a U-boat which took him to South America where he lived a life of luxury living in a hotel, that investigation was open for eleven years. If you are interested in this particularly conspiracy theory then you will enjoy watching the series Hunting Hitler in which a team of investigators seek to discover more about Hitler’s alleged post-war life.


Hitler’s alleged new life in Argentina living alongside other senior Nazi’s was the subject of the bestselling book Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler, published by Sterling Adult and available to purchase in paperback, hardcover, kindle, and audio book formats.

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