History of Snooker

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History of Snooker is an epic comprehensive 160 minute long journey through the history of the sport of snooker, presented by snooker legend Steve Davis and narrated by Clive Everton. It traces the evolution of the game from its roots as a past time for British soldiers serving in India through to the sports first legendary player, Joe Davis, who together with his brother Fred Davis dominated the game in the first part of the 20th century in much the same way that the Williams sisters have dominated womens tennis in the 21st century. This documentary was originally released with the title ‘Story of Snooker’ in 2004 but re-titled for a later DVD release.

It then moves on the modern game which was revolutionized through the influence of television, especially when homes began to purchase colour televisions and viewers could identify the different coloured balls! The documentary features footage from all of the classic games and involving all of the games modern day including the earliest televised snooker stars like Ray Reardon and John Spencer, the thrilling Alex Higgins, the peoples champion Jimmy White, the enigmatic Ronnie O’Sullivan, and the most successful player to ever pick up a cue, Stephen Hendry.


If you want to watch this in high quality with no interruptions, or to give it as a gift to a snooker fanatic, then consider purchasing the official DVD.

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