History of Football: The Beautiful Game

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History of Football: The Beautiful Game was a stunning 2002 TV series which gave a comprehensive overview of the history of the game of football, in a global context. It starts at the origins of the game and shows how the sport has affected history in general, it was even responsible for the start of the war and has been used as a political tool for some of the worlds greatest or most notorious leaders. Some of the greatest ever players and managers are interviewed for the series.

The total running time of all 13 episodes is 676 minutes, the series was given a DVD boxset release with an additional two hours of extras (in North America it is known as ‘History of Soccer’. Every episode is available to watch here on DocumentaryVine.com (see the tabs below the player, or use the episode list below).

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The DVD box set would make an excellent gift for any huge football fan, and it includes two hours of additional footage.

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