A History of Britain (Season 2)

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A History of Britain is a BBC documentary series written by historian and writer Simon Schama, it ran for three seasons between September 2000 and June 2002. Across 15 one hour long episodes he tells the story of the British Isles, each episode examines a particular time period, the series was a joint production between the BBC and the History Channel with the former airing the series in the United Kingdom and the latter also screening it on their channel. All three seasons were released together in one big six-DVD box set in 2002.

All four  episodes of the second season can be watched here on DocumentaryVine.com, navigate them using the numbered tabs below the video embed or use the episode list below. If you haven’t done so already then first watch season 1, when you have finished with season 2 you can proceed to watch season 3.

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DVD Box Set

All fifteen episodes from all three seasons are available to purchase as one mammoth six disc DVD box set, to watch this series in the highest quality and without interruption then consider purchasing it.


Schama also authored books to be released in conjunction with the documentaries, there is one book to accompany each of the three seasons. If you are interested in this subject and want to learn in more detail then consider reading these excellent books. The book which accompanies series one is A History of Britain, Vol 2: The Wars of the British, 1603-1776.

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