Hillsborough: How They Buried The Truth

Published on 21st March 2016 by

BBC Panorama (2013) take viewers back to one of the darkest days in English football history when 96 Liverpool fans died on 15 April 1989. The programme brings to to surface fresh evidence and previously unseen footage from the day to highlight how unprofessionalism and basic errors by senior members of the South Yorkshire Police exasperated the situation.

The police would subsequently direct the bulk of the blame towards Liverpool fans and their alcohol consumption. The documentary also looks at the findings of the Hillsborough Independent Panel where it had been highlighted that many lives could have been saved had the local emergency services been quicker and more organised in their response. If you haven’t seen it already then you really need to watch the 3 hour 20 minute long epic 2016 documentary Hillsborough by the BBC – that was aired after the conclusion of the latest Hillsborough inquiry.

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