Heroin Holiday

Published on 17th February 2016 by

A little known fact about the Czech Republic is that it is the number one producer of poppy seeds in the world, for baking, and in order to produce poppy seeds they need to grow poppy plants. The Papaver somniferum plant, otherwise known as the ‘Opium Poppy’ is the exact same plant from which opium can be extracted. In most developed countries the growing of poppy plants is tightly controlled and regulated and usually reserved for the production of morphine for hospitals.

Every summer hundreds of junkies from Czechoslovakia and further afield move out of the cities and set up camps besides poppy fields, every day for one month they pick poppies and crudely process them to extract and then smoke or inject the opiates. In Heroin Holiday Thomas Morton from VICE heads out to the country to spend some time at the camp of one such group of junkies and records the process they go through to get their fix.

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