Heroin: Cape Cod, USA

Published on 3rd February 2016 by

A 2015 HBO documentary exploring the new heroin epidemic sweeping small towns and communities all across America, the film centers around the predominantly white middle class area of Cape Cod in Massachusetts which has seen a huge rise in the number of heroin addicts and follows the stories of eight young people who are each addicted to heroin. Massachusetts had 1250 deaths from heroin overdose in 2014 and it is believed that 85% of crimes committed in Cape Cod are related to opiate addiction.

The film is directed by Academy Award winning director Steven Okazaki who had previous shot, over the period of four years, the legendary feature length documentary Black Tar Heroin: Dark end of the Street, which first aired on HBO in 1999. That film also explored the issue of heroin addiction among young people, but that time in the economically depressed area of Tenderloin in San Francisco. The two films, aired sixteen years apart, together successfully illustrate the changing nature of heroin addiction.

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