Hallucinogenic Honey Hunters

Published on 25th March 2016 by

A 2013 documentary, “Hallucinogen Honey Hunters,” takes viewers on a low key but epic journey to Nepal, where we encounter a cut off tribe of people known as the Gurung. These people hike up enormous cliffs in search of a special kind of honey known for its hallucinogenic properties.

This specific type of honey is produced by Apis dorsata laboriosa, or the Himalayan honey bee, the largest kind of bees there are measuring as long as a whopping 3.0 cm (1.2 in!). This documentary film invites viewers to witness a rarely seen sight; those who seek out and obtain this special honey. This is a sacred ritual carried out each year, and those who partake are seen as very brave as they have to hang off of cliffs off of bamboo ladders they make themselves, fight through an immense amount of sizable bees, and bring back their honey.

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