Half Ton World

Published on 31st May 2016 by

A 2013 National Geographic documentary about the growing problem of obesity, from a global perspective, over 300 million people on the planet are considered obese and the film travels to some of the countries with the biggest problems including Mexico which has the highest rate of childhood obesity in the world. It is also home to Manuel Uribe, one of the fattest men on the planet.

It also visits India where there are more type 2 diabetics than any other nation in the world, the film showcases Vedant Mungi as he prepares to undertake surgery to remove 80% of his stomach in an attempt to cure his diabetes and obesity. Manuel Uribe died in 2014 after being admitted to hospital with an abnormal heart beat, his cause of death was not released to the public but it is known that he was also suffering from liver failure.

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