Graffiti Wars

Published on 22nd February 2016 by

A 2011 TV documentary which explores the competitive nature of the graffiti world and the battles which take place between artists, particularly on the war between two street art legends King Robbo and Banksy.

The two began warring after Banksy destroyed a 1985 King Robbo work in Camden which had become the oldest known piece of graffiti in London, it was also the last known public work of King Robbo who had long left the scene. The two had first encountered each other in a bar in the 90’s when Banksy was allegedly rude to Robbo and received a slap for his troubles.

King Robbo came out of retirement to reclaim the piece of defaced art by painting over the Banksy, with Banksy then responding once again. The feud led to online arguments and supporters of King Robbo defacing other priceless Banksy works in retaliation. Following King Robbo’s death in 2014 Banksy paid tribute to Robbo on his website and later in his Dismaland theme park attraction.

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