Gordon Ramsay On Cocaine

Published on 3rd November 2017 by

A two part 2017 documentary which sees Gordon Ramsay examine the global trade in cocaine, motivated by the loss of one of his employees to the drug earlier in his career. In the first episode Ramsay visits Colombia to see how the drug is produced and then shadows police in a town in the UK as they stop people suspected of driving under the influence of the drug, he also tests the staff bathrooms and customer bathrooms at one of his flagship restaurants to try and find evidence of cocaine use.

In the second episode Ramsay joins a helicopter mission in Colombia with an SAS-trained anti-drug squad who are searching for coca leaf plantations and joins a Met Police raid on a suspected drug dealer in London. The two episodes together link rising demand for the drug in the United Kingdom and other developed nations with the dangerous business of production and smuggling of the drug in Colombia, one of the largest producers of cocaine in the world. Also worth a watch is the 2013 Stacey Dooley documentary Cocaine Capital of the World which examines cocaine production in Peru.

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