Ghosts of Abu Ghraib

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This 2007 documentary examines how a group of US military police came to exert unnecessary torture and interrogation to prisoners of the Iraq war in Abu Ghraib prison from 2003-2004.

Director Rory Kennedy explores the events that occurred inside the prison through interviews with both the police in charge and the surviving prisoners.

The documentary asks how far humans will go in order to inflict pain on others before they start to lose their own sanity. We see how the torturers themselves can’t quite comprehend why they behaved the way they did without questioning the morality of the actions.

Kennedy focuses the film largely on the men who committed such brutal acts that seem to be completely out of character. For this reason the events at Abu Ghraib have often been likened to Milgram’s famous experiment where it was observed that regular citizens were willing to subject lethal electrical torture to others simply because they were instructed to by an authority figure.

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  • Neguin 3 months ago

    First thank you for sharing this film.
    But second, at the first paragraph, “Unnecessary torture” ?! Do we have necessary torture? In this film it is said obviously that there is no small torture! when the torture starts, it will go further and bigger! It is all about “having a psycho personal power of control that begins from small and it becomes bigger and extreem.


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