George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview

Published on 5th February 2016 by

A one-off National Geographic TV episode from 2011 who were granted an exclusive interview with George Bush to question him the September 11th terrorist attacks, giving him a platform to air his version of events on that catastrophic day. It was the most in-depth interview the former President had given on the subject, and remains so to this day.

He talks about how he managed to cope on that day, having to juggle his responsibilities as the commander-in-chief with his own personal concerns about the welfare of his friends and relatives. In addition to the interview footage the film uses previously unseen archive footage and exclusive footage from his own personal library to show his reaction as events unfolded. He was famously talking to a school class when being informed of the attack on the twin towers, deciding to finish his event with students in order to not scare them.

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