Gazza’s Coming Home

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Gazza’s Coming Home is a 1996 Cutting Edge documentary which follows one year in the life of English footballer Paul Gascoigne, during which time he returned to England after three years plying his trade in Italy. The documentary attracted some 6.3 million viewers when it was broadcast on Channel 4. In the film ‘Gazza’ opens up on a number of wide range of subjects. It also provided an insight into Gazza’s personality and showed that he was utterly obsessed with the game of football, caring for little else outside of the game, a trait which would perhaps later contribute to the personal problems he has experienced since hanging up his boots.

By the time this documentary had aired Gascoigne had already developed a reputation as a bit of a train wreck but this was a fit and happy Gascoigne who had recently married and was settled off of the pitch, the film did however reveal some vulnerabilities and it was clear that Gazza was frustrated by a spell in Italy which had been marred by serious injury and homesickness. The documentary features contributions from Kevin Keegan and Ally McCoist.

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