Garbage Warrior

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Garbage Warrior (2007) is a documentary film about maverick architect Mike Reynolds, the inventor of the ‘earthship’ style of building. He is considered the founder of a movement to create homes made entirely of natural and recycled materials such as discarded glass bottles, tin cans and old tires. The homes are designed to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, requiring no use of energy or fuel for heating or cooling.

The documentary follows Reynolds in order to gain an insight into his motivations and how he developed the ideas for his unique style of building. It also tells us of his constant battles with state and city legislation, particularly the legislature of Tao in New Mexico where he is building a community of unique earthship homes.

Reynolds is a fully qualified architect and upon graduation from the University of Cincinatti in 1969 immediately set out to work building homes out of recycled materials, his first home was finished in 1972. For more on Reynolds’ community check out the documentary Earthships.


Mike Reynolds has published several books about Earthships, all available to purchase in paperback from Amazon. The most popular is Earthships: How To Build Your Own (1990)

NB: This documentary is currently trailer only due to the source video being removed, we will replace the video embed if it ever becomes available to watch for free online again. In the meantime it can be purchased on DVD on Amazon.

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