Gambling Addiction & Me

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Alexis Conran is the star of the British TV show The Real Hustle, a programme in which the presenters demonstrate some real life con tricks to the viewer and dupes real individuals and businesses on camera to make their point. He is also an expert poker player and is not somebody that you would want to be playing cards with, he knows every trick in the book. Conran loves gambling and that passion forms part of his lucrative career, but he has also been harboring a secret – his father was a gambling addict who served time in prison for a fraud that he committed to fund his addiction.

In the 2012 BBC Three documentary Gambling Addiction and Me he delves into his childhood and his fathers past to ascertain what the tipping point was for his father, why can so many people have fun enjoying the odd flutter but the minority go over the edge and lose everything to a compulsion to gamble recklessly? Alexis travels around the UK, to Las Vegas, and to Athens to meet gambling addicts, experts, and members of his own family to try and understand what it is about gambling that can destroy some people.

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