Full Moon Party

Published on 4th March 2016 by

A classic UK Channel 5 documentary about the Full Moon Party, shot in 1998, it captured the party at a time when it was still frequented by free spirits and hippies rather than young neon painted Australian and British tourists on a gap year.If you watch more recent videos of the Full Moon Party you’ll really see how much the event has been hijacked and ruined, it will never be the same again, a little like the Glastonbury festival.

We put a fair bit of effort into trying to find out the full names of the people who featured in this documentary to find out what happened to them in the two decades that have followed, without any success, but its pretty inevitable that Chris, Steven, Nick, and the rest went on to wear a shirt and tie and work in an office cubicle like pretty much every other middle class kid who goes through a nomadic hippy stage for 18 months.

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