From Millionaire to Homeless

Published on 1st March 2017 by

A raw unedited video of a bizarre encounter between a nonprofit organisation in Portugal dedicated to homelessness problems and a middle aged British man who was living out of a self-sufficient RV in the country. The man, named Tony Rose, gave a detailed account of how he went from being a multi-millionaire to drifting around Portugal after his company went bust and his wife left him. This gem of a video lasts half an hour.

Tony Rose was the founder and owner of a company called CarBug plc which made a revolutionary tracking system called KidBug to help parents keep track of their children 24 hours a day, and a car tracking device called CarBug which made tracking devices for vehicles. His businesses were featured in numerous newspaper articles in publications included The Guardian. In the interview Rose shows how he intends to become a millionaire again with his latest invention.

What Rose did not disclose in the interview however is that in 2006 he and his wife pleaded guilty to a £1m fraud, convincing people to invest their savings in CarBug but instead using their money to fund a lavish lifestyle. The business which Rose talks about in this film may never have actually operated, it appears to have been a simple boiler room scam where they sold worthless shares to gullible punters who believed that CarBug was a real business. Rose was jailed for 5 years for the fraud, so his homelessness actually came about because of his imprisonment.

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  • Clive P. 6 months ago

    Tony Rose found himself in this situation because he scammed investors out of £1m for a device which didn’t even exist, he went to prison and his wife left him. So he is the perfect example of “crime never pays”, in the long run at least. Google Car Bug Trader + Anthony Rose. I doubt the 100 victims have much sympathy for his pliight.

  • Ken 12 months ago

    It’s going to get worse before it gets better. Its a pretty bad reflection on society


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