From Jail to Jihad

Published on 6th June 2017 by

The Muslim population in UK prisons has doubled in just ten years and now almost one in every seven inmates in the prison system is a Muslim, the increase in their number is twice as fast as the growth of the overall prison population. As their numbers swell behind bars so do their power and influence, and in some prisons you have to convert to Islam if you want protection. The prison system is home to the greatest concentration of Islamic terrorists and extremists in the UK, and many of them are either converted or radicalised behind bars.,

From Jail to Jihad? Is a 2014 documentary which explores the problem of people entering prison system and then coming out as Islamic extremists after being radicalised behind bars. The reporter Raphael Rowe follows one new radical convert as he leaves prison to be met by his new gang of fellow radicals, he also interviews convicted terrorists and extremists about their experiences behind bars and asks whether authorities are doing enough to try and tackle the threat of radical Islam in the prison system.

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