Football Hooligans and Proud

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Football Hooligans and Proud is a 2014 Channel 5 made-for-TV documentary on football hooliganism, made in the run up to the 2014 World Cup. Whilst football hooliganism is not in its hey day with CCTV, stringent prison sentences and footballing banning orders proving an effective deterrent to those who would otherwise love to get involved in violence, organised hooligan firms still exist and are still active.

Many British hooligans instead look forward to trips overseas where they are not known by police and where policing techniques are less advanced thant they are in the UK, and that means following the national team to international competitions or following a domestic club in European competition. This documentary features frank and honest interviews with numerous individuals who are active in this murky world, including Jason Marriner the former leader of the Chelsea Headhunters.

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