Flesh and Blood: The Story of the Krays

Published on 29th January 2016 by

A classic 1991 documentary profiling The Kray Twins – Ronnie and Reggie Kray, the two notorious gangsters and nightclub owners who controlled London’s East End in the 1960’s, it features interviews with numerous people who associated with them as well as those who made a career out of trying to charge and convict them for their crimes.

This documentary was later included as an extra on the VHS (and then DVD) release of the 1990 film The Krays starring Gary Kemp and Martin Kemp as the twins. There are a lot of documentaries about The Krays but this one is particular valuable to history as it features accounts from numerous people who are simply no longer around to tell their story. See more documentaries about the Kray Twins here.


This documentary was originally part of a double VHS with the movie The Krays in 1990, but was later given its own independent DVD release.

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