Fallen Hero

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Justin Fashanu was an incredibly talented footballer, one of the first black superstars in British football and he kept the crowds on the edge of their seat at his first club Norwich City. Quick, skillful and a great finisher in front of goal, it was perhaps his famous goal against Liverpool at Carrow Road in 1980 which would convince the great Brian Clough to splash out £1 million on the striker when £1 million was a massive sum of money.

Fashanu had a big secret however, known to his earliest clubs but kept out of public knowledge, and that secret was that Fashanu was gay. He later became the first openly gay British footballer. He struggled with fame, he struggled with his homosexuality, and he struggled to cope with a serious injury which would ultimately finish him as a top level player.

This documentary Justin Fashanu: A Fallen Hero looks back at the life and career of Justin, from his childhood to his tragic suicide in 1998 aged just 37. Contributors to the documentary include his brother John and his former coach and mentor at Norwich.


There have been posthumous biographies published about Fashanu for those who want to learn more, the most recent and possibly the best researched is the 2013 Nick Baker book Forbidden Forward: The Justin Fashanu Story, published by Reid Publishing and available in hardcover or kindle editions.

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