Fall of the Republic

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Talk radio host Alex Jones is probably America’s best know and most prolific conspiracy theorist, he has a huge following of fans and a long list of people who would probably consider him an enemy. Jones is particularly noted for his infiltration of Bohemian Grove in the year 2000, where he managed to film the perturbing ‘Cremation of Care’ ritual ceremony which pretty much confirmed that the group is cultist in nature.

Jones, who considers himself to be a libertarian, has been caught up in numerous controversies including once claiming repeatedly that the US government were involved in the Oklahoma Bombing. He is also a strong believer that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by the US government, although many would argue that this is one of the more credible of the more common conspiracy theories.

Jones owns and operates the popular Infowars.com website and is a prolific producer of documentary films, releasing some 31 documentaries since 1998. In this 2008 documentary, Fall of the Republic, he asserts that an offshore corporate cartel is attempting to bankrupt the US economy by design and claims that steps are being taken to remove civil liberties in countries worldwide in advance of introducing a one-world currency and a one-world government.

He claims that a corporate elite is seeking to control the planet through the introduction of a carbon tax system which will dominate the planet and establish a system of slavery. It looks at Obama’s purported role in the plan, manufactured to act as a planetary peacemaker to pacify people long enough for a secretive elite to exercise their masterplan for New World Order. Alex Jones expands on what he believes Obama’s role is in this plan in the 2009 documentary The Obama Deception.

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