Fahrenheit 9/11

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A two hour long 2004 documentary by documentary film maker and political commentator Michael Moore, the film takes a critical look a the Bush administration and its relationship with the media, particularly their coverage of 9/11 and the so-called War on Terror. Moore asserts that the media acted as cheerleaders for the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the film screened at Cannes and won the Palme d’Or. It was controversially ruled ineligible for an Academy Award due to being screened on the television prior to nominations (television documentaries are not eligible to win the award for Best Documentary Feature). The film took $222 million at the box office, making it the highest grossing documentary in history at the time, Moore later claimed that the film grossed half a billion globally.

The response to the film was overwhelming positive among both critics and viewers, but it wasn’t without its criticisms. Some argued that the film was very one-sided against the administration, with Moore being hypocritical because the primary basis of his film was to expose the lack of objectivity and obvious bias of the American mainstream media in their support of the Bush administration and their lust for war. The film was also controversial because Moore choose to release it just before the 2004 US Presidential Election, but with prominent figures criticizing some inaccuracies and labeling the film political propaganda. In October 2004 a response documentary was released, Farenhype 9/11, in which numerous prominent Bush supporters refute and debunk some of the claims made by Moore. It was released on the same day that Fahrenheit 9/11 was released on DVD.

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