Ecstasy Rising

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Ecstacy Rising is a 2004 ABC News documentary by Steve Jennings, produced in the midst of an American ecstasy epidemic, which looked back at the history of MDMA and seeks to dismiss some of the negative health claims made by the U.S. government. Ecstasy was discovered in 1912 and for 60 years was largely forgotten about as a recreational drug.

The documentary was the result of a years research at a time when ecstasy was second only to Marijuana in terms of new users. It ultimately argued that ecstasy isn’t as dangerous as its drug classification purports and that it shouldn’t be viewed with the same level of seriousness by the authorities as some of the other narcotics which shared its classification. Featuring in the film are several interested people including the chemist who first reported the effects of ecstasy and a DJ who was part of the movement which spread rave music across America.

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