E is for Ecstasy

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E is for Ecstasy is a British documentary (BBC Panorama) televised in 1992 which explores the lives of a small group of ecstasy users and their experiences of the acid house rave scene in the early 1990’s which spawned out of the second summer of love in the United Kingdom (see the 2006 BBC documentary The Summer of Rave 1989).

It also features contributions from medical experts discussing the potential long term negative effects of the drugs use, particularly of MDMA, and from those who are tasked with the job of tackling drug use and policing the users. The film actually showed a more enlightened attitude to drugs then the one currently seen, possibly due to a resignation to the fact that millions were taking the drug at the time and nothing was going to stop them, note the quote:

“Young people have made their decision and we have to position ourselves around that”

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