Dying To Have Known

Published on 31st March 2016 by

An independent feature documentary by Steve Kroschel who goes on a 52 day journey to try and find evidence which supports the effectiveness of an alternative natural cancer treatment known as ‘Gerson Therapy’, the project takes him from Alaska to Mexico via Japan, San Diego, New York, and Europe. The finished article features testimonies from patients, scientists, nutritionists and surgeons who believe that the therapy is effective in treating cancer and a variety of other degenerative diseases.

Gerson Therapists believe that people with cancer have excess sodium in their bodies and insufficient levels of potassium, and that eating a large quantity of fruit and vegetables can restore the balance between the two and cleanse the liver. Many authorities counter their claims by stating that there is not sufficient medical evidence that Gerson Therapy can prevent, treat, or cure cancer. Cancer Research UK state that the positive effects may be psychological and recommend that the treatment is not taken in place of conventional treatments.

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