Dude, Where Are My Rolling Papers?

Published on 1st February 2016 by

Dude, Where Are My Rolling Papers? is a short documentary which looks at the contrast between marijuana use in the UK and the US, from the perspective of British filmmakers, including the cost and the effort involved in obtaining it. The crew visit an area of America where weed is tolerated by policeman and ignored, effectively decriminalized. The host visits a doctor to determine how easier it would be for him to obtain a prescription for medical marijuana. He determines whether he would be able to obtain a prescription for his insomnia.

He then visits a dispensary, where somebody with a doctor recommendation for marijuana is then advised as to what strength, dose, and strain is best for their medical condition. The ‘dispensary’ is more akin to a cannabis cafe than a pharmacy, with dozens of strains on offer at different prices and an area where people can use bongs and pipes to self-medicate.

We also see inside a cannabis superstore which is as big as a British supermarket where you can buy anything that you may need or want to cultivate and consume cannabis. We then see the contrast in the UK where police are raiding cannabis factories to stem the flow of marijuana on the streets of Britain.

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