Drugsland (Series 1)

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Drugsland is a 2017 observational documentary series which goes deep into the world of drugs in one city, Bristol. The first season of the series consists of four one hour long episodes, all of which can be watched here on Documentary Vine. Details about each episode are provided below.

Episode 1: Crack Alley

The first episode follows police officers Sgt Green and PC Spence as they attempt to bring down a prolific street dealer of Crack cocaine, but despite having him in their sites the chances of actually bringing him to justice remain slim.

Episode 2: Heroin Love Story

The second episode follows the story of a young couple who are united in their love for both each other and heroin. The pair sleep in a multistory car park in Bristol and make their money begging on the streets to fund their addiction. (If you enjoy this episode then you would probably also enjoy the award winning 2010 Vice documentary Swansea Love Story).

Episode 3: Dying to Get Clean

The third episode follows a basic premise, meeting several people who face a simple choice: get clean or face death.

Episode 4: The Fix

The fourth and final episode of the series explores recreational drug use, so drugs such as ecstasy and cocaine which are used on the Bristol party scene. It examines whether current drug laws are fit for purpose, with many users arguing that drugs should be legalised or decriminalised.

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