Drugs, Inc: Pill Nation

Published on 1st March 2017 by

Pill Nation is an episode from series 2 of the National Geographic series Drugs, Inc., this episode focuses on prescription drug addiction.

More people are addicted to synthetic opiate pain pills such as Oxycontin and Fentanyl in the USA than are addicted to heroin, cocaine, and crystal meth combined, and are the second biggest cause of accidental death after car accidents. More often than not the drug dealer making the profit is in fact a doctor and usually they are operating within the law.

Addiction to painkillers such as Oxycontin has fueled a new heroin epidemic in the USA, patients prescribed these expensive synthetic opiates develop expensive addictions and turn to cheaper street heroin when they can longer afford to maintain their habits. Also worth a watch on the subject are The Oxycontin Express and Oxycontin: Time Bomb.

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