Drugs, Inc: Ecstasy

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Drugs, Inc. is a popular Nat Geo documentary series which has been running for three years and for three seasons so far. Ecstasy is the third episode from the second season of the show. The episode looks at recreational use of ecstasy and features a group of mellow users in Oakland, California, as they sit around the fireside chatting while under the influence of the drug, a gay clubber in San Francisco who uses ecstasy as a party drug, and a San Diego dealer.

Like most Drugs, Inc. documentaries we are also treated to a broader perspective of the market with a feature on a conservationist in Cambodia who battles with the people who cut down rainforests in the search for the valuable sassafras oil producing trees which are the key ingredient of MDMA, a cook and trafficker from Amsterdam, border officers in Canada who routinely search cargo containers and air deliveries, and a dealer from Southern California who claims that he once made $20,000 a week selling the drug to revelers.

If you are interested in finding out more about the problems caused by sassafras oil production then check out the documentary Forest of Ecstasy.

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