Drugs, Inc. Designer Drugs

Published on 24th February 2017 by

‘Designer drugs’ are the new battleground in the war against drugs, these entirely synthetic drugs are completely legal yet mimic the effects of mainstream illegal drugs like cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana. By the time a countries legal system has managed to make a new drug illegal a scientist somewhere has already altered the chemical slightly to ensure that a legal alternative is available.

Drugs, Inc. Designer Drugs is a 2012 TV episode which explores the world of ‘Spice’ and ‘Bath Salts’, as they are commonly known by users and the general public. Often these legal highs, such as Mephedrone (now illegal), are more dangerous to physical and mental health than the illegal alternative. Users are prepared to risk negative effects of largely untested drugs in order to avoid prosecution. Also worth a watch is the Vice documentary Spice Boys which looks at the problem of synthetic marijuana addiction in the city of Manchester in the UK.

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