Drugland: Manchester

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Drugland: Manchester is the second episode in the three part BBC documentary series Drugland. The episode examines the use and dealing of heroin, crack and other hard drugs is part of everyday life for young people on many estates in Greater Manchester, and the violence and crime associated with the problem.

For the first time ever on British TV the documentary makers interviews crack and heroin dealers as they go about their business meeting demand for their product, and examines the culture of ‘lay-ons’ to increasingly young punters and dealers (loans of drugs). The film captured shocking footage of kids aged as young as 12 cutting and using hard drugs including crack and speed.

The film was made by BBC journalist Sarah O’Connell who grew up in Bury and used to know some of those who are now involved in the trade, she returned to the area to see how drugs had got a hold on a new generation of young people after the high profile shooting of a local crack dealer made national headlines.

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