Drugland: Ibiza

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The third and final episode of the three part BBC documentary series Drugland, aired in 2005. This episode Drugland: Ibiza explores the dark side of the party island, exposing it as a paradise for drug dealers who flock to the island to make money selling pills and grams to the quarter of a million British people who head to the island each summer.

The film features interviews with active drug dealers, ex-dealers serving time in Ibiza prison, and undercover footage showing dealers at work. The film showed that class A drugs like MDMA, Cocaine and even Crystal Meth can be purchased in bars over the counter.

A film crew also follows officers from the Islands anti-narcotics force as they continue their ongoing war with drug gangs from Liverpool, Manchester and mainland Spain, as well as paramedics who have to deal with the consequences of the trade on a daily basis. Some users even die during filming.

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