Drug Laws Don’t Work: The Phoney War

Published on 3rd February 2016 by

Journalist Nick Davies argues that the war on drugs has been counter productive and that heroin should be legalised for the good of society and the health and safety of the addicts in this 2001 Channel 4 documentary.

His argument is that legalisation and regulation of Class A drugs would lead to a reduction in crime and free up money to tackle other pressing social issues, including some which are often closely associated with drug use like prostitution, petty crime and homelessness.

The documentary is set largely in Brighton. Also worth a watch is Heroin on the NHS, a documentary by former UK government adviser Dr. Clive Froggatt who argues that addicts should be given a clean supply by the NHS. Froggatt served as an adviser to Margaret Thatcher and to several government health secretaries, all whilst hiding a secret heroin addiction himself.

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