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A 2008 television documentary series about the history of the internet which was aired by the Science Channel in the United States and by Discovery in networks in other countries. The series is split into four episodes, each of which focus on a different aspect or time period in the internet industry, it features interviews with numerous leading figures from the tech world as well as with the venture capitalists who financed them.

Episode 1: Browser Wars 

Episode one tells the story of the rise and fall of Netscape which was once the worlds internet browser before it ultimately lost a war with Microsoft who would go on to dominate the market by building the search engine which would eventually be known as Internet Explorer and then using their market leading operating system to propagate it for free, Netscape would however leave the world with Mozilla Firefox as its legacy.

Episode 2: Search

The second episode focuses primarily on the rise of the search engine Google and the numerous well known but inferior search engines which would become casualties of Google’s market dominance. The episode also explores the rise of Yahoo.

Episode 3: Bubble

Episode three looks at the tech bubble of the late nineties when people were throwing ridiculous amounts of money to anybody who had a concept, and the disastrous consequences when the bubble burst in 2000. This episode also covers the rise of eBay and Amazon, two businesses which survived the turmoil to become corporate behemoths.

Episode 4: People Power

The fourth and final episode covers peer-to-peer technology, web 2.0, and the rise of the earliest social networks (e..g Friendster) and various other social networks which tried and failed.

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