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Dot Con is a 2002 PBS Frontline documentary made just after the dot com bubble had burst, it goes inside the world of dotcom IPO’s with Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists, investment bankers, a fund manager and a leading business journalist.

The film examines the causes behind the bubble and the subsequent crash and questions whether any rules were broken, at a time when there were numerous ongoing investigations into IPO’s, and also examines the roles of analysts and the media in the bubble and the possible vested interests of those analysts when choosing their buy picks.

If concludes by asking what we may have learnt about the ‘new economy’ and the internet business from the bubble, it also applies various historical perspectives and compares the bubble with tulip mania. Another great documentary for those interested in the history of the dot com bubble is, which follows the founders of a software startup called govWorks as they burnt through $60m in venture capital.

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