Dope Sick Love

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Dope Sick Love is a unique 2005 documentary by HBO about two pairs of heroin and crack addicted lovers who roam the streets of New York City, the film follows them as they go about their day-to-day lives earning money for their next fix.

There is no narration or interviews in this film, a similar approach taken in the production of another gritty cult classic HBO documentary about drug addicts from 1999: Black Tar Heroin: Dark End of the Street.

The film offers no holds barred access into the way that these couples operate, one of the girls frequently steals money from clients after offering them sexual services. Both couples are stuck in a vicious cycle of constantly hustling for drug money.

Where Are They Now?

Michelle, the girl who was dating Sebastian in the film, died in 2012 in Buffalo at the age of 46. Her full name was Michelle Boswell. At the time of passing she had lived in Buffalo, upstate New York, for three years. As far as we can ascertain she was not dating Sebastian at the time of her death, but Sebastian is said to still be alive out there somewhere (as of 2012 he was definitely alive, and said to be managing better with his problems).

The latest update on Matt and Tracey from people that knownthem is that they are both still together, clean of drugs, and have a little girl aged around 8 or 9 (as of 2017) that they claim has saved their lives. We have seen Tracey’s facebook profile and they appear to be getting along OK.

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