Divorce Corp

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Divorce Corp is a feature length 2014 documentary directed and produced by Joseph Sorge, who also authored a book by the same name. It explores corruption in the the family court system in the USA. The director was inspired to write the book and release the film after going through a long drawn out and very expensive divorce in the Californian court system.

The film seeks to show how the divorce industry is worth more than $50bn a year to countless laywers and other parasites. The film shows how families are torn apart, children are stolen, custody evaluators extort money from parents petrified of losing access to their children, and how power crazed judges play with lives whilst enriching their friends in the legal profession.

This is the story of how the legal system destroys lives, cause home foreclosures, bankruptcy, violent crimes, and even suicide, all in the pursuit of profit. The US has one of the highest divorce rates in the world, and some people have a vested interest in keeping it that way. This film has been extremely well received by critics and the general public.


Joseph Sorge also released a 2014 book of the same name, Divorce Corp, available in hardcover or Audio CD. The book looks at the issues presented in the documentary in much greater depth.

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  • Toby Wilson 2 months ago

    Interesting that when Family Lawyers marry and then later divorce, they themselves NEVER go through Family Court (that they are meant to espouse!)…. hmmmm


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