When Dinosaurs Roamed America

Published on 14th May 2017 by

A two part Discovery Channel documentary from 2001 about the species of dinosaur which one lived in North America (total running time of both episodes together 91 minutes, we have both episode 1 and episode 2 to watch here on Documentary Vine), the documentary uses computer generated graphics to show the dinosaurs and sets them against the backdrop of modern day America. It progresses through five distinct periods in five individual segements: Late Triassic (220 million years ag0, Early Jurassic (200 million years ago), Late Jurassic (150 million years ago), Mid Cretaceous (90 million years ago),

The program was directed by Pierre de Lespinois and he graphics featured were created by Mark Dubeau who is notable for creating graphics for numerous other Discovery and National Geographic documentaries about dinosaurs. Outside of America it was screened with the alternative title When Dinosaurs Roamed. In 2015 ITV produced a UK equivalent documentary in a similar format, Dinosaur Britain.

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