Diamond Geezers

Published on 2nd February 2016 by

The story of one of the most ambitious attempted robberies in global history when a gang attempted to ram raid a De Beers diamond exhibition at the Millenium Dome in London with a JCB digger and escape in a speedboat via the River Thames. De Beers were exhibiting a flawless 203 carat gem with an estimated worth of £200m (around $300m USD) as well as numerous priceless blue diamonds.

If successful in their attempt they could have escaped with a haul of diamonds worth somewhere around £350m (over half a billion dollars) and would have been the biggest robbery of all time if they had pulled it off. The attempt was ultimately foiled by the Metropolitan Police Flying Squad and the gang received sentences ranging from 15 years to 18 years for their crimes.


The raid was the subject of the book Diamond Geezers: The Inside Story of the Crime of the Millennium by Kris Hollington, available in paperback, hardback, kindle, and audio book editions.

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