The Devil Came on Horseback

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The Devil Came on Horseback is a feature length 2007 documentary by Ricki Stern and Anne Sundberg about the Darfur Conflict in Sudan, based on a book of the same name by the former Marine Corps captain Brian Steidle in which he shared his experiences while working as a military observer for the African Union.

The film was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007 and was subsequently screened at numerous other film festivals before being released on DVD in October 2007; the film asks viewers to become educated about the ongoing genocide in Darfur and criticises the failure of the United States and the United Nations to end the crisis.


Consider reading the book that this documentary is based on, The Devil Came on Horseback: Bearing Witness to the Genocide in Darfur, it is available to purchase in paperback, hardback, and audiobook formats.

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