Depression: Out of the Shadows

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Depression: Out of the Shadows is an excellent feature length 2008 documentary about depression in America. The National Institute of Mental Health reported around the time of the documentaries production that approximately 18.8 million Americans were suffering from some sort of depressive disease, and depression does not discriminate against color, age, race, or socioeconomic background.

The documentary explores the complex terrain of depression, the film attempts to weave together the science and treatment of depression with intimate portrayals of real individuals and families who are trying to cope with the wide-ranging effects of the disease. The consequences of depression can be ruined careers, strained relationships, and sometimes of course the end of life. When you have finished watching stick around to watch more mental health documentaries.

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  • Ruddy 1 month ago

    Yes, I watched this documentary on telesur TV which I can get on stellite dish, earlier. Many interesting documentaries are there, if somebody can watch this TV channel, I didn”t tried on the internet but with a satellite reciver is possible (at least in Europe)


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