David Icke: Was He Right?

Published on 7th February 2016 by

David Icke has become one of the best known conspiracy theorists in the world, rivaled perhaps only by Alex Jones of Infowars, his website currently sits in the top 6000 most visited websites in the world and top 700 most visited in the UK (according to Alexa). He frequently sells out shows in large venues and has published numerous bestselling books. He was however originally famous not for being a conspiracy theorist but a footballer and then mainstream TV sports presenter.

His life changed in 1990 when a psychic told him that he was a healer who was on earth for a purpose, in 1991 he held a press conference in which he claimed to be “the son of Godhead”. He became a figure of ridicule when he subsequently appeared as a guest on the Terry Wogan show and was ridiculed by Wogan much to the delight of the mocking audience. He found himself an outcast in society and mocked on the street by members of the public.

Undeterred he was determined on his path of enlightenment and went on to publish four books between 1994 and 2001, he is now up to 17 published books and counting. David Icke: Was He Right? is a 2006 BBC documentary by UK television station Channel 5. It looks back on his time as a figure of fun, his appearance on Wogan, and his life since those days. The film gives the viewer an insight into Icke’s personal life and questions whether Icke has been proved right about some of his assertions.

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